Ok ok Im back already:)

Alright so Im back from my blogging hiatus, and glad to be here. Its not like this takes a lot of time or anything and Im a bit of a jerk for not ever writing, but hey, cut me some slack here I got alot on my plate.
So updates....here we go: Gavyn is walking and mimicking everything we say, in his ultra-sweet voice, so high pitched and innocent. He says "no no bad girl" to our dogs like they are angels or something. So not true but in Gavyn's world everything is the best it can be. I look back daily and am still surprised where I am at today. Not like a bad surprised, more like "wow, I did this! I created this!" kind of surprise, and it makes me happy. Like this morning for example. Gavyn really likes to dance. Im talking arms in the air swinging, hips going side to side, head bobbing, kind of dance. So Im sitting there in my "area" up by the front window, on my $50 Urban Outfitter couch from craigslist, with my glowing blue bird chandelier above me, just looking out at the looming clouds, and in this "area" Im supposed to be invisible, no one can talk to me or look at me or even know Im there. Well that doesn't work with a 16 month around, so instead of being invisible for my 7 minutes of alone time, i put down my vanilla-peanut butter breve(which tastes like an abba zabba BTW...yum), and say screw it all and start dancing with Gavyn like there was no tomorrow. Great morning.
Next update....BayBeeGee is growing like a weed, and flourishing, only for me to discover that oh shit how am I supposed to pay for all the stuff needed to keep it going and growing...and what about that special order fabric I needed and those buttons and on and on and on. And now that my husband is in school I have to be THE provider for the family, which ya know sucks I will admit but its not for long then hopefully I will be able to sew to my little hearts desire without worrying about work. But DAMN for now its lame and I have to find a job and never sleep so that I can sew at night, or grow a few extra arms so I wont have to sew quite so much. If you have the arm growing concoction, lemme know :)
Ohhhhhhh and what else?! Lets see, oh duh I forgot to mention BayBeeGee has a store now. Its uber rad. 9th and Wilson in Bend, called Revival. Be there. It will knock your socks off.
Tonight we had dinner with my ultimate homie , Angela and her daughter Olive. Lil O is in all BBG's photoshoots, she is even on my business card, and I consider them family to say the least. Her husband was at work late so we decided to make him way jealous by having a yummy dinner and lots of wine...poor Rob, we love you dude. :) Ha ha. The babies jammed out, took at co-ed bath together which is the cutest thing ever. Bath time for Gavyn is his favorite part of the day, and with O there, its basically the coolest place on earth! Then they jammed some more while we finished off this super delish bottle of wine with a cool Gypsy chick on it wearing a red turban. Real good. Anyways, basically the night rocked, had some good talks, and came to realize that this first year of marriage may be the hardest and to throw a baby in the mix doubles the hardness (what a gross word), but to still love Rusty as much as I did on our first date, eating chex mix and drinking champagne while he dug my snowmobile out of a 5 foot deep tree hole after I jumped a road trying to catch some air cuz Im a major badass, then to have our first kiss ON TOP of a frozen lake...is pretty amazing. Ya know, Ill think we will make it thru this craziness....even if sometimes I want to rip his arms off.
And with that, I will bid you a-due. Really? A-due? Yes because I dont know how to spell it and I hate spell check.
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4 Response to "Ok ok Im back already:)"

  1. mama turtle says:
    October 17, 2009 at 7:39 AM

    welcome back to the blog-o-sphere. Lots of interesting tidbits in there. I had a besty night last night too! It will all work out some how. BTW, you ARE a badass!

  2. BayBeeGee says:
    October 17, 2009 at 9:57 AM

    Besty nights are THE ultimate! I love them! Im thinking we might do a sushi party next week...too bad you live in tim-buck-too! He he thanks, I think Im kind of a badass sometimes:)

  3. dan says:
    October 18, 2009 at 10:51 AM

    Bee, your mum is sewing some more snakes today for you and we will be down soon for a visit and to help some more. Being a new mom and a new wife and a new entrepreneur is crazy huh? But you got the stuff to make it all happen so just keep chugging along and breathe real deep. Love you.pop

  4. BayBeeGee says:
    October 30, 2009 at 1:45 PM

    Wow, my dad said "love you". that is a rare occasion when those words pop outta his mouth. yay!

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