I fell off the blog-earth...

And now Im back! Its been 7 months since my last confession - I mean blog post. Wow. Lots of new goings on in the Poarch family: new house, no more dogs, super growing business, and that pretty much sums it up nice and short and sweet. BayBeeGee has grown from appliqued shirts to beautiful dresses, fun and funky aprons, and oodles of custom orders. I LOVE what I do. I mean L.O.V.E. it. Sewing to me is my stress release, letting my mind go where no mind has gone before. Visualizing creations and then actually bringing them to life is amazing to me. It brings me a sense of accomplishment that not many other things have given me. I like to be good at something, and this is it. I hated sewing in high school. I was given a book with projects such as pajama pants or a pillowcase with the 2 fabric choices, of the ugliest prints you could imagine. This ruined sewing for me for awhile. Now I live, eat, and breathe it. Besides my family, it is my ultimate passion. Im reading an amazing book about crafting as a business, and its inspired me to create my studio into a haven, my magical place, a place to let loose and let the fabric fly! And so I am doing just that. Its nothing special right now, but soon its going to be amazing.
Life is good, love is priceless, and my little family is amazing.
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