I am a messy crafter. I like to spread out, see all the materials Im working with, then throw them together and see how it turns out. I love to see the end result. A thought in my mind can turn out totally different in the end than I first visualized.
I have a "thing" for mini notebooks. I probably have like 7 of them lying around, all intended for different types of notes: BayBeeGee inspirations, personal goals, funny things Gavyn does, even a bitch fest one. I dont use any of them for more than a week. So, in trying to get myself to use at least one of them, I decided to cover the ugly pastel cover with beautiful chocolate brown floral fabric. I threw on a button as a closure, some rick rack, and waa-laa! A whole new notebook, that is ridiculously cute and that I am actually going to use (right?!). This thing would probably sell for 18 buckeronies in a little card store, so I basically just saved probably 16 of those buckeronies, considering it was all made with scraps.
Speaking of scraps, I have a ton. Like, jillions of them. Fabric, ribbon, mismatched buttons, t-shirt pieces, you name it, its stuffed into my over flowing scrap bin. My goal is to someday use them all up, into new creations, to be re-used and given a new home besides the landfill. So if you have any awesomely cool ideas for repurposing scraps, let me know! You may end up getting a little scrappy gift in the mail one day :)

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