Vision Quest

Well, today I worked really hard at not doing what needed to be done, according to BayBeeGee land. Orders are piled up, each one needing one tiny thing or two from the fabric store in order to be started and/or finished. So I basically worked on things that I wanted to create, for myself, and for my new mini biz Sunshine Luci. I started Sunshine Luci because I liked the name. It came to me really randomly one day, and reminds me of an indie rockabilly/folk-ish band. And because if I ever have a little teensy baby daughter, her name will be Sunshine Luci. Growing up my mom told us (my younger brother and I) stories of her horse named Sunny, riding in the mountains, through fields, jumping streams, living wildly, who I later found was named Sunshine...I think. Every night before bed she would give us a kiss and say "dream of Sunny". Every night she said this, and I have found myself every morning asking my son as I snuggle him and wake up, if he had "sweet dreams of Sunny". Anyways, I started feeling very claustrophobic with BayBeeGee about a month ago. The pressure of repeatedly coming up with new styles, new prints, new products for every season, all the sudden really freaked me out. What if no one likes it? What if 3 years down the road I have no more ideas? THEN WHAT?! Dont take me wrong, I absolutely LOVE what I do, but it just hit me that I need to take the time to stop thinking purely BBG, breathing everything BBG, when it comes to my sewing life, and make something I wanted to make - for me! So I did, Sunshine Luci was born, and now I cant stop. The list is never ending of the things I long to make for myself, our house, Gavyn, even my amazing husband. From duvet covers, to tiny chapstick pouches that attach to your keychain, to journal covers and pillows with pom pom fringe on them.

I decided that since I have so much moolah invested in BayBeeGee, and that my scrap pile is growing literally daily, that I am going to make everything that I can out of those scraps. Its my vision quest for myself, to keep me inspired, enjoying the journey, learning every step of the way. And not to mention, not spend a cent (ok maybe a few) that doesnt need to be spent. This fabraholic has put herself in fabric buying rehab. Starting now, with scraps only projects.
Today I made this beautiful clutch out of scraps from a good friend of mine, Kelley of TurtleTurtle, who is also a local crafty seamstress and makes some amazing mai-tai carriers along with just about everything you could think of. I used super retro red and white polka dot fabric for the lining and a vintage button from my late grandmothers collection, it looks like it was on a jacket at once. I wonder where that button has been, what has it seen?

So there ya go, numero dos in my scrapping vision quest. And again, if you have any ideas of how to use up my bajillion scraps, let me know.....your vision may show up in your mailbox.

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