Ahhhh silence.

The babe is asleep and it is officially time to start my other job...sewing my BayBeeGee products. I hang out with Gavyn during the day, sewing and cleaning when he takes naps, and we jam out most of the rest of the day. Walks to the park, playing in the baby pool, learning how to throw the ball for our dog Ruby, and riding on his Indian motorcycle...thats what we do. And making huge messes. No one tells you how messy a one year old is....so Im going to. Actually no Im not because that would take all night and I really do need to sew, but Ill just say its a massive amount of cleaning. But its ok because Gav is the coolest dude in the universe and so I would clean his messes up any day if I just get to hang out with him and wrestle.
xoxo S
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