Someone turn my brain off please

So its just a few days, well actually one day left (Friday) until the NW Crossing Farmers Market that I will have a booth at. A few days before market, my brain will not stop spinning, thinking of all the things I need to sew, new ideas that I want to create for the market, then realize that there is no way I will have time for them, and then back to how much I need to sew before the day. I really worked on not procrastinating this time. I sewed every night, then realized that my poor husband is being neglected, sitting in our room all by himself...lonesome for me. So my new rule is be done sewing at 10 pm. As you can see now it is 23 AFTER 10, I am already breaking the rules. But tonight I couldnt help myself (just like last night....went to bed at 41 AFTER 10...whoops). See I have been thinking that Gavyn(my one year old rockin baby) is really in need of some booties, hes learning to walk so he needs a mushy sole so he can get his balance. And dude, baby shoes are EEEEEEExpensive. Plus, duh, I sew booties like all day long, so I envisioned these super rad slippers like his pappa has. "Castro" slippers I think they are. While sitting on the couch tonight I totally busted out and drew up the pattern, and sewed em up. These just arent any slippers. I made them from one of my old Volcom shirts, and a black and red striped tank top for the lining. Dude, they are UBER COOL. I would sport them. I think this is it, my million dollar idea. Making stellar slippers (that could even be the name of em) out of your old shirts. The part I love most about making them is figuring out how it all goes together, how the seams work, what goes where in what order, and at the end with this amazing trophy that I have created, its a sense of overcoming, of triumph. I did it all by myself, from my brain, and it worked. Love it. Its probably what its like for a math wiz, figuring out a crazy mathematical whatever, problem I guess its called, with no calculator...just the brain. And now Im off to bed, in hopes that my brain will simmer down. If anyone knows where the off button, lemme know:)
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