Dude I need a plastic camera!

I have been around photography since before I was even born...if that is possible. My dad has always had a camera around his neck, so its no big thang if theres cameras going off around me. Now that I have a child, I have REALLY gotten into photography. I mean reeeeeeeally. Im always laying on the floor trying to get funky angles, shooting into the sun to get those sweet sunrays coming out of Gavyns head like hes an angel, and I am just now discovering that if you take a pic of movement without the flash on, the result is almost ghost-like. My husband and I just got a MAC computer this year and it has some killer programs for editing photos, which can be really fun, but also very addicting. Should I make it black and white, wait no how about I enhance all the colors, no no sepia...SHIT i dunno! Too many choices. Anyways, the point of this whole thing is that I really want a Diana camera. Pops used to have one (and if you still do and are hiding it from me Im going to come hunt it down and steal it!), and it made the coolest pictures ever. I cant even explain to you how cool. Stellar, thats a good word to describe them. So if anyone wants to fuel my passion for being a crazy mom taking pictures all the time, send me a Diana camera asap. No joke dudes....I want one:)
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