Holy sh*t, its 10 o'clock already?!

Dude what just happened to my day? I just looked at the clock, expecting like maybe 9-ish, but obviously I have been zoning out once again for over an hour. And what have I been doing, you may be asking? Duh, sewing and taking Etsy breaks, of course! I should be sleeping, or atleast attempting to sleep. My days are nutso. Gavyn wakes up hecka early, we all play in bed (more like he clanks on his xylephone while Daddy and I try and catch like just one more Z or two until the breakfast screams comes out), then drag ass outta bed to make some delish oatmeal and yogurt (yo-meal...try it, its amazing) for Gavyn. After getting a yo-meal shower, my husband and I shotgun our espressos in between cleaning the layer of breakfast off of G and trying to shove something of substance down our throats. We then hang out in the living room and learn our ABC's. Gavyn has a new dance move now that he busts out when the ABC video sings the alphabet song...its super funny, especially when you are zombie-tired. I sneak out to check emails, hoping I have an order or some good BayBeeGee news to share with the family. While Gavyn naps I sew like a mad-woman...finding that once I know its getting close for him to wake up, my heart starts pounding a million times a minute and it becomes a race to the finish line. "Ok how many Uber Kix can I finish before my little monster wakes up...I got about 10 minutes left, should I sew the sole onto this pair or start a new one and get thru the more difficult sewing steps of that pair so that I can possibly finish both of the pairs while Gavyn is pre-occupied?" And always right before I finish what I set out to do, he wakes up. Ahhh the life of a mother. You learn time management REAL quick. Its been a bajillion degrees out lately, so normally we would take a walk to the park and push Gavyn in his favorite swing, but we cant or we would cook like an egg on the sidewalk, so instead we hide out inside, eat snacks, attack the dogs, make new toys out of the most random things. Who knew that a wire basket could become a push-cart, AND a throne for G to climb all over. Way cooler than the toys we buy, in his eyes. So as the day winds down, after many clothing changes and diaper changes, its bathtime...Gavyns favorite part of the day. He splashes and takes all the bottles down off the edge of the tub, then puts them back. In the exact same order. I swear this kid is a genius. Imagine like 7 bottles of randomness, all different colors, shapes, sizes, and throwing them into a tub, playing with them for a minute, and then putting them back in the exact same order. Uber amazing. And if one is not right he knocks them all down and puts them back the right way. Dude is superbaby. And so now, here I go, off to bed. Baby is asleep, husband is lonely and neglected, and my eyes are stinging from this stinkin screen I spend way too much time in front of. Sweet dreams to all my homies out there....you know who you are:)
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