I am really loving the end of today. L.O.V.I.N.G. it. It started great, at 5:45 am, but to a big smile on Gavyn's face and his little arms outstretched to me. My heart explodes with this overwhelming love every time I see his funny little smirks ("squinchy face" as we call them), his crazy hairdos in the morning, his cute little toosh splashing around in his pool. It is amazing.
Ok back on track, the morning was good. Then I went to the bank....and that right there started it all. Banks, ugh. I either hate em or love em. Today I wasnt too fond of mine. Supposedly if a check says "and" , that other "and" person has to be on your account to be able to deposit it! What?! Ya so dude was like "well when can we set up a time for your husband to come in so we can put him on the account?". And I explained that his job is not a regular schedule, he works when needed. And the teller looked at me like "what the hell language are you speaking to me right now? No set schedule?" And I wanted to be like "No fool, he doesnt work in some lame ass bank job, 9-5, inside, wanting to shoot his brains out every morning before walking into this stuffy building". But I didnt. Anyways, to make it short, I took my dumdum and left, without depositing my check.Butterscotch all the way. So next, I go to 7-11 by our house to get a money order for a bill (note, I was at my bank, but did I get one there? NO because they are $6.00 EACH. Enough said. Banks=grrrrrrrrrrrr), so after pulling out Gavyn from his carseat, not an easy feat in our jeep, the door is like 2 feet wide so you have to climb into the car, so annoying, I go in there, and instead of just getting the money order I decide to get some candy to. Chewy runts...yes I have a sweet tooth. I should floss more. I get to the counter and what do I see? "NO money orders". Oh rad! I just came here and got G out of the jeep and bought this delish candy for nothing!
So off home we go. A whole 100 yards. As we are walking into the house, a huge pile of fresh tree sap decides to jump into my gladiator sandals and mush between my toes and all up on my favorite ones. Just amazing.
And then I slang some Uber Kix (second pair of the yellow plaid ruffle ones). Yay!
The fans in my hair, Im trying to focus on sewing, but Etsy is pulling me in. Damn that site, such an addiction. I think I have enough elastic to finish this gorgeous pair of lace Ubers, then off for some zzzz's.
I cant wait to wake up to G's toothy grin. He has 9 teeth now.
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