it's all coming together...slowly:)

So Ive recently started BayBeeGee's shop on Etsy. It was a little intimidating at first, Im not gonna lie, but less than a week later, I am in LOVE with it, and a little obsessed as well. You can log in and see how many views each item has, and who "hearts" your shop! Im always looking to see how many more views I get, and who new has "hearted" me. Its great! It gives me such incentive to keep doing what Im doing and following my dream and the vision of BBG. No sales yet...but thats ok! The forums are fantabulous on Etsy as well, I just discovered how to put my "mini-etsy" shop onto my profile page, so that all my homies can see the latest and greatest, and when they click on an item, it takes them directly to my shop...Genius! Everyday I am learning a new marketing tool, or reading a forum about how to take better pictures, basically anything to make my shop and company more successful! Its a great thing to watch it grow daily and feel the love from friends and fans! YAY!
xoxo S
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